Capstone Course : Learning On Structuring A Business

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The Capstone Experience gave me a positive perspective in learning on structuring a business. I was hesitant throughout my sessions on how to proceed; however, after researching the web and corresponding with the session requirements, I was able to gain and improve a new insight of knowledge. I appreciated the diverse topics that the Capstone course presented. I agreed with the assignments for each session. What I disagreed with was not having thread discussions (besides session 8). In the past, I have learned different background experiences and perspectives from my classmates; therefore, I missed not having thread discussions in the Capstone course. Nevertheless, I was able to get over it and appreciate addressing the assignment…show more content…
My personal code of ethics was integrating Christ and delivering a positive perspective. These two are what structured me to welcome and observe a new beginning which was my key idea. The professional code of ethics was acknowledging and proceeding with the businesses rules and regulations. The professional perspective incorporated good role model examples. The good role model examples were honesty, determined, and following the business rules. The second key idea that I learned was marketing audit. I enjoyed marketing a plan summary. The plan summary incorporated the business structure, location, vision and mission statement, the business goals and target markets, market strategies, and my relevant experience. The last key idea from this course was the assignment of the human resource plan. The key idea was to detailing the hiring process, benefits, and business policies. The aspects of my new gained knowledge from this course and my way of thinking was structured on the understanding of how a business has to do research when founding a business. I had some idea of what correspondents were needed for a business because of previous classes; however, in this course, I was able to learned new information of critical thinking to demonstrate my skills gained from over the years at Colorado Christian University. The experience gained has allowed me to proceed with an
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