Capstone Course : Learning On Structuring A Business

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The Capstone Experience gave me a positive perspective in learning on structuring a business. I was hesitant throughout my sessions on how to proceed; however, after researching the web and corresponding with the session requirements, I was able to gain and improve a new insight of knowledge. I appreciated the diverse topics that the Capstone course presented. I agreed with the assignments for each session. What I disagreed with was not having thread discussions (besides session 8). In the past, I have learned different background experiences and perspectives from my classmates; therefore, I missed not having thread discussions in the Capstone course. Nevertheless, I was able to get over it and appreciate addressing the assignment requirements. All of the topics presented in the Capstone course met my expectations. I learned that the projects needed for my business in this course was an opportunity to emphasize on the details. My business for the purpose of this class is “Alive with Christ,” Alive with Christ is a yoga and Pilates business. Alive with Christ was structured as a small corporation. Alive with Christ would have not succeeded in a large corporation due to the economic and the logistical matters. The name of my business represents a biblical value which integrates Christ.

Capstone Experience The key ideas that I learned about the Capstone course were the topics of Personal and Professional Code of Ethics, Marketing Audit, and the Human Resource Plan.…

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