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Introduction The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program prepares students to be IT professionals, be well versed on application installation, operation, development, maintenance and administration, and familiar with hardware installation, operation, and maintenance. (CMO 53 s. 2006) Capstone project is required for the BSIT program. It should be in the form of a systems application or an enterprise resource plan (CMO 53 s. 2006). The skills, methods and theories learned by the students in their stay in the BSIT program are applied in this output-oriented course. This is a very special course in the BSIT program. Students do it in the final year of studies and it is their opportunity to demonstrate that they can…show more content…
The IT graduate would be the one to select, create or assist to create, apply, integrate, and administer the solution within the application context. As a practice driven discipline, IT has been built on a rich base of existing research. Part of the role of IT is to apply research from the other computing disciplines. Part of the research contribution of IT will be to feed new questions and results back into the research streams on which IT is built. Research unique to IT will emerge from the practice of IT. IT research will address questions related to the content of practice, that is, questions about computing. IT research will also address questions related to the process of practice. The ACM IT Research Agenda includes the following areas: * Integration - Many applications of computing technologies require the integration of different system components (Ekstrom and Lunt, 2003). Viewing systems broadly and including people as components of systems raises a host of integration issues. * Trade-off analysis – Development of IT solutions inherently requires trade-off among approaches, processes, components, etc. Principles and methods for conducting this analysis are needed for successful IT practice. * Interface issues – Integration of system components often results in problems at the interfaces. This is true whether the interfaces involve hardware, or software, or the
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