Capstone Intervention

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The logic of connecting an intervention to an improvement of an organizational process is critical and vital to organizational change and success. Both quantitative and qualitative data will be utilized to assess the immediate effects of improving retention of African American male students. The quantitative data can be process related, while the qualitative data will detail the observation of behavior (the researcher's and participants thoughts, feelings, and ideas). Using quantitative data to show that an intervention made a difference and the logic of using qualitative data to show that an intervention made a difference is important to the implementation of the intervention. “These data will enable the research to reconstruct the implementation of an intervention, analyze the effects of the implementation, and draw valid inferences and conclusions” (Capella, 2015).
Interviews will be used to collect facts, e.g. information about UAPB, the age of students, major of students, etc. Questionnaires
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Section 1 Background will introduce the research problem and focus of the study, as well as establish its significance to the educational leadership and management specialization. This section will also include the Literature Review which will address the historical background, the organizational context, and the theoretical framework of the project. Section 2 Process will include the Methodology. The methodology will contain a description of the participants, the instruments used for the data collection, and a description of the overall research design. Section 3 Application will comprise the Results and Conclusion. The results section will report findings that will be presented in tables, figures and narrative, and the conclusion section will include the overall assessment of the quality of the action research and any recommendations for future
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