Capstone Project Experience On Job Knowledge And Skills

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This healthcare administration project provide an opportunity with on job knowledge and skills. During this particular period, students work in cycles in different departments of the hospital. This practice develops fundamental skill regarding different activities in health services under supervision of senior staff of the hospital. This experience equips the students with skill, knowledge and experience that is essential for leadership performance in the field of healthcare administration. In many aspects, this is similar to paid internship but contrary to it, the students learn a specified set of guidelines that need to be followed (“The Health Care Administration”). Capstone project experience in healthcare administration provide uniform experience to all students in order to expose them to skills and knowledge required for administration in a hospital. Moreover, the students need to be familiar with various areas of healthcare administration. Firstly, they analyze demographic as well as health status data for a particular community followed by comparison with specified benchmark. These results facilitated them to evaluate prevailing and expected demand of services and programs. Secondly students evaluate the factors that may impact an organization in the context of public policy, creativities, regulations, communities, as well as economic eminence of a community. Thirdly, the provided case studies enable the students to review the information regarding performance,
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