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Indirect Clinical Project: Quality Improvement

Healthcare has become a consumer driven industry with patient satisfaction equating to good customer service. Effective communication has been shown to be a key factor in both patient outcomes and satisfaction. Additionally, patient satisfaction has become a tool used by insurers to evaluate medical facilities and may impact reimbursement to hospitals for patient care. In this paper, I will discuss the issue of ineffective communication in the waiting area of the surgical services department at Mount Carmel East Hospital. The impact of ineffective communication effects patients and members of the perioperative team. Results of patient surveys
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The schedule of the volunteers is the responsibility of the volunteer coordinator and while requests have been made to have the same volunteers this is not always possible. Some days there may be a single volunteer to manage the numerous responsibilities without any assistance and on occasion, particularly in the evening, there is no volunteer and the waiting room is left unattended. The waiting room is the first impression customers, patient and family, see when they arrive for surgery. Leaving the waiting room unattended is a poor reflection on the department and can be perceived as unwelcoming. “The perioperative environment is often seen as impersonal and unfriendly” (Stephens-Woods, 2008, p. 7). Without someone to receive patients and answer the phone, communication becomes fragmented and impersonal. While the contributions from the volunteers are greatly appreciated, abilities and level of commitment vary greatly. As a result, the families experience dissatisfaction when trying to obtain information, the surgeons experience frustration trying to find patients families, and the clinical staff find it difficult to update the volunteers when they need to communicate information. Currently, the volunteers are not held to any performance standards and while they may be in attendance, they may not be fully present. All employees of MCE are expected to work together and adhere to the guiding behaviors set by Mount Carmel which include being fully present

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