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Capstone Project IT 331 Table of Contents Problem Statement 3 Future Growth 3 Proposed Solution 4 Wireless Features 4 Setting up the Network 5 Servers 5 Workstations 5 Printers 6 Network Connections 7 Hardware and Software Setup 7 Back Up System 8 Services and Monthly Charges 9 Planning Phases 9 Phase One 9 Phase Two 10 Phase Three 11 Future Planning 11 Future Wireless Use 11 Feedback 12 Ordering List 13 Table of Expenses 14 Problem Statement Five doctor offices have decided to join each of their buildings to a network. With this, each office will have access to each of the other four offices’ information. This would greatly benefit them and their patients, allowing them to pull up a…show more content…
Since one office is in the center of the WAN, it would be the most logical location for the main server headquarters. This main location would be home to six servers, two of them being print servers and the other four each hosting their own specific applications to all of the workstations in the network. The first of the four servers would hold the business management applications needed by any of the accountants or human resource teams. The second would hold the medical managing software that would hold all patient information, insurance, and bills that could be accessed from any of the 5 office locations in the network for both doctor and patient convenience. The third will be used to host a web server and the final system will be used as a domain controller that will manage the users and groups on the network. Workstations Each doctor, nurse and member of the staff will have access to their own workstation, a Dell Vostro 260 Slim. These desktops will come with their own twenty-four inch wide monitor and one year of Dell ProSupport all at a cost of $654 for each. Each of the five buildings was specified to have 10 workstations; however each building will have fifteen workstations instead. This way there will be spare systems in case of any potential growth to take place in any of the offices. The spares can also be used as a replacement workstation

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