Capstone: Project Management and Outlet Job Materials

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______________________________________________________________________________ NSA Capstone Project Charter ______________________________________________________________________________ Revision History Version Date Author(s) Revision Notes 1.0 26 Sept 2013 John De La Rosa (original document) Table of Contents Project Description The Firm is a medical supply corporation that has prepared a request for proposal to seek a revamp of all their office branches with state of the art information systems equipment, local/wide network infrastructure, and services provided by the contractor. Spade Networks. Project Objectives This project will meet the…show more content…
See Meeting minutes for further explanation. 10/03/13 3* WBS / WBS Dictionary Milestone 2 10/10/13 4* Deliverable 3 Milestone 3 10/17/13 5* Deliverable 4 Milestone 4 10/31/13 6* Deliverable 5 Project Conclusion 11/30/13 Final Deliverables. Project Assumptions Certain assumption and premises need to be made to identify and estimate the required tasks and timing for

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