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Schizophrenia and Physical Activity
Grand Canyon University
NRS-441V-230 Professional Capstone Project
January 9, 2014

Research shows that implementing physical activity into a lifestyle is a vital part of being healthy and encouraged for the general population. The importance of physical activity is a knowledge deficit for the person living with schizophrenia as the education and support needed from the treating psychiatrist and nurse is not consistently provided. An emphasis is placed on medication adherence, treatment compliance and reduction in hospital admissions. Research also shows that a person living with schizophrenia has a higher mortality and morbidity rate.
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There is also a need for community based physical activities or places where a patient with schizophrenia will feel welcomed and supported. The likelihood and reality of these patients to be accepted in general population venues for physical activities is often low due to the stigma and lack of education within society of the mentally ill.
Review of Literature
Education and Barriers
In reviewing the articles similarities were found in a few of the articles. The importance of physical activity within all the articles was identified for the Schizophrenia patient. Each article stressed the fact that this patient population has a high morbidity and mortality rate. One that with incorporating physical activity can reduce risk factors that contribute to premature death. Physical activity is determined to be an important factor in improving the quality of life as well as quantity of life for these patients.
The main point in my research was to show how the mental health nurse can influence the patient’s perspective of physical health as well as support it by promoting the physical activity and assisting the patient in identifying ways to incorporate physical health in their daily routines. In the first article the argument is made on how the mental health nurse should provide leadership in promoting physical activity even if the mental health

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