Capstone Project: Skylar Community College

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The college has decided to revise its strategic plan by looking at its current year enrollment which has declined as compared to previous years. The college has asked its President to prepare this comprehensive plan and present it before the Board to implement for the next year. The paper starts with a brief overview of the mission and vision of Skylar Community College by discussing its major areas of concern in the long run.
The second section of the paper gives a detailed SWOT Analysis of the college, i.e. the core strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which are an integral part of its internal and external environment. The paper also gives a 10-question Student survey which can be used by the Management to get the feedback of students regarding the performance of this college. A 3-day faculty retreat and schedule of departmental meetings is also included to assist the management in ensuring efficient planning and implementation of the plan. The next section gives a description of the engaged stakeholders and an explanation that how they will be involved in the entire change process.
A communication plan is prepared to ensure the flow of information and promotional efforts to the target audience in an effective…

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