Capstone Report : Management And Management

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The Case of BobCo

MGMT 311

Bobco is a local firm who has clients in various foreign countries and lately FredCo is trying to acquire Bobco. However, FredCo is not confident to purchase Bobco because due its lack of knowledge management system. FredCo is multinational firm based in Taiwan and has more customers than Bobco. Also, once Bobco is acquired, some of its consultants may leave due to the relationship with the higher management. The management structure of both firms is different because Bobco has a self-ruled chain of command whilst FredCo has an open chain of command. It is important that managers evaluate staff based on the collective performances. Moreover, Bobco does not have a knowledge management system unlike Fredco who is using Lotus Domino from IBM.
Leadership & Management
According to the management guru Peter Drucker (1909-2005), the basic task of management includes both marketing and innovation. Management has four main functions namely planning, leading, organizing and controlling. Planning consists of setting goals and establishing a plan to accomplish those goals. Organising is merely constructing a structure for the business and individual job. Leading is directing and motivating employees to achieve organizational goals. This is the valuable asset of the organisation is staff. However, to ensure employees work at their best, they need to be motivated since different people…
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