Capstone Review Essays

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Level 1 – Definition
1. A person wishes to purchase a personal computer for home usage. Identify the
internal hardware components this computer should contain.
a. Student should identify the following: Power Supply, Motherboard, CPU, RAM,
HDD, USB ports for I/O’s such as mouse and keyboard. You also can add in
DVD drives, I/O’s for speakers, monitor, and microphone.
Level 2 – Application
2. Explain in simple terms the I/O process.
a. “Input/Output”… Data is entered into the computer through an input device
such as a mouse or keyboard; given the application used the CPU will process
the data into output.
Level 3 – Troubleshooting
3. You typed “abcd” but the locally attached printer prints garbled text. How do you
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Can the PC connect to a different website?

Topic 3 – SOHO Broadband
Level 1 – Definition
1. Describe popular broadband solutions available to consumers in today’s market.
a. Brief definitions of broadband technologies such as ADSL, Cable, Satellite. A
comparison and contrast of these technologies will be a plus.
Level 2 – Application
2. Design a broadband solution for a home network that will accommodate access from
multiple servers, computers, printers, TVs, phones, and mobile devices for the home
entertainment and data storage/sharing as well as telephone services.
a. The plan will incorporate the selection of the type of broadband technology
and service provider, and render a wiring design based on the flow plan of a
typical home and the location of each specific device determining the type of
media and interconnection devices, including wired and wireless, and the type
of sharing solutions for entertainment and data services with necessary
security controls.
Level 3 – Troubleshooting
3. A small law office is equipped with a broadband service. The office network has
recently encountered various symptoms of degraded services. Some individuals are
not able to access data from the file server hosted in house from time to time, while
some others are not able to access the email and database through the internet
occasionally. How do you propose to determine the cause and correct it?
a. The answer should incorporate a logical analysis to identify…

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