Capstone SLP 3: Organizational Systems

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Capstone SLP 3 Organizational systems are of great importance companies' success on the market. The most important systems in this organization are represented by the management system, the technical system, the human resources system, the organizational system, and others. Each of these systems has individual objectives, but that are oriented towards the general objectives of the organization. The management system refers to establishing the competence limits within the company, the objectives that each department must have, and the decision making process. In addition to this, the management system also establishes how activities can be delegated within the company. The technical system is represented by the infrastructure that is required by the company in order to perform its activity. In other words, it refers to the identification, acquisition, and maintenance of the technical resources used by the company's employees. Technical advancements must be an objective for each company. However, this means that they must make significant investments in innovation processes. The human resources system is one of the most important systems within the company. This is because this system must develop strategies intended to help the organization reach its objectives with the help of its employees. This means that employees must be motivated in accordance with their needs. It also refers to other activities that refer strictly to human resources. The organizational system

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