Capstone Unit 6 for Human Services Essay

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Associates Capstone for Human Services


Surviving in a Domestic Violence Relationship

Unit 6 Project

Kaplan University

May 1, 2011

Sharon Sanders

A few days after I have left a message on her phone that I called Teresa appear in my office with a black eye, broken nose, and bandaged hand. She says that she fell and will be fine soon. She apologizes for
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Survivor Therapy focuses on issues of safety, empowerment, validation, strengths, education, alternative, restoring clarity of judgment, understanding oppression, making decisions, and healing the effects of trauma. (Treating the Domestic Violence Victim: Crisis Intervention and Beyond).

Being abused by her partner, Teresa may feel confused, afraid, angry and/or trapped. All of these emotions are normal responses to abuse. She may also blame herself for what is happening. But no matter what others might say, I have to keep instilling into her that she is never responsible for her partner's abusive actions. Dating abuse is not caused by alcohol or drugs, stress, anger management, or provocation. It is always a choice to be abusive. (Leaving an Abusive Relationship and Taking Your Children).

In the face of abuse and assaults, knowing that she is a single mother with six children often confronts two kinds of difficult decisions. First, how will she protect herself and her children from the physical dangers posed by her partner? Second, how will she provide for her children? This second set of social and economic risks are central in each battered woman’s calculation of her children’s safety. If, for example, a woman decides to leave her partner to protect herself and her children, where will she find housing and money to feed her family? Who will
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