Capstone to Business Management Final Project

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AB299: Final Project Section 1 July 16, 2013 Amanda Bender Executive Summary Tim’s Coffee Shoppe is located in Sunnydale, Illinois. Sunnydale is a mid-sized city with a busy business district and a large university and Tim’s is located smack dab in the middle of all the traffic. Tim’s Coffee Shoppe is in need of some much needed improvements and needs things to run more smoothly. Some of Tim’s problems were customer satisfaction, employee loyalty and marketing. The following pages have a detailed review of what Tim needs to become more successful. One of the most important things Tim needs to accomplish is a makeover of his human resource program to address employee training, thus creating better customer service as well as…show more content…
Successfully managing the human resource aspect of business can be important, even for very small businesses such as Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. After all, in a service economy, employees are part of the delivery of the product and service. Their performance, commitment and loyalty to the job are critical and can be boosted through successful HR management. However, there are a few that need coaching to achieve higher customer service and company loyalty standards, such as Darryl. The files also need to be better organized to achieve higher efficiency. It can become the single largest consumer of your time and energy if you don 't know how to handle things well. And, it 's still a big consumer of your time and energy, even if you 're adept at handling such things. Action Items There are numerous actions Tim should take to help this area of his business run more smoothly and effectively. These include; to have a staffing plan, find good employees, how to screen potential candidates, conduct personal interviews and the actual hiring process and most important of all, retaining the valuable employees and evaluating their performance as well as maintaining high standards. There are several steps to follow to help stay organized and achieve a highly valuable staff. The following are actions to take to maintain and educate the staff Tim already has. * Put together a human resource guideline handbook that states what policies and procedures you will and expect the
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