Captain Americ The American Dream

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Captain’s Duty From Captain America’s birth, he symbolized America. In and out of costume, Captain America, AKA Steve Rodgers, exemplifies all the best qualities of America. He embodies the American dream. America continues to grow more diverse every day, yet still Steve remains the undying patriotic example of what it means to be American.
The American dream in simple terms is the fulfillment of the ideals the America was founded on with equal respect. To go into more detail, the American Dream allows all people the rights of liberty, autonomy, justice, dignity, the pursuit of happiness, and the ability to hold the country’s leaders accountable when they fail to uphold these rights. Because the American dream applies to all people one
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The patriotic symbol of the American dream has numerous times dissented from the ruling political powers. Steve Rodgers lives the life of a patriot through and through, but it is important to understand what it means to live patriotically. Captain America’s patriotism doesn’t hinge on blind passion of one’s country right or wrong or on the “us-versus-them” mentality produced during war times. These types of patriotisms prevent the betterment of the world at large. These exclusionary patriotisms neglect the dignity of other peoples and creates the illusion that anyone who thinks differently belongs to the “them” party. Instead, Cap’s patriotism lies of Stephen Nathanson’s philosophic “’moderate patriotism,’ which balances devotion to one’s country with ethical demands to care for all” (White 147). Captain America embraces the shared humanity of people across national borders. He would strongly support Nathanson’s claim that “so long as devotion to one’s country do not lead to immoral actions, then patriotism can be laudable. When concern for the own country blinds people to the legitimate needs and interests of other nations, then patriotism becomes a vice” (White147). Captain America believes countries have the right to pursue its interest, but this should be done with consideration of other nations and peoples and not at the cost of the countries principles. Captain America’s cosmopolitan patriotism puts him at odds with the government three

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