Captain America Civil War Essay

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Captain America: Civil War Analysis Directors Joe and Anthony Russo are quite underrated in terms of popularity of directors, their most memorable films being Captain America: The Winter Soldier, You, me and Dupree, and Welcome to Collinwood. So for the most part the pair of sibling directors are unheard of, or perhaps under appreciated. This seems to be a changing case, as the pair have been selected by Marvel Studios to direct their coming Infinity Wars movies. The Russo brothers have established themselves with Marvel Studios, as the two demonstrated their aptitude for film direction in the recently released film Captain America: Civil War, which stands out from the rest of Marvel Studio’s films as it finds a way to fit a major number…show more content…
This puts more pressure on directors who undertake these projects to create enjoyable films, that don’t feel crammed full of characters that have no business being there. This is an especially prevalent situation for a film like Civil War considering the source material.

Captain America: Civil War is based on the Marvel comics series of the same name. The basic premise of these comics is a differing of opinions based on an attempt to put government restrictions on superhero activity. This split led to a conflict between the two sides, and the Russo brothers did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the original story, while fitting it into film form. It does not stray too far from the source material, while not being a copy and paste job, fitted to a movie screen.

Marvel’s comics and films, despite one being the direct result of another, have a largely different feel and aura to them. This is the case with anything that is adapted from one medium to another, be it from book to film, or vice versa, there are bound to be differences in how the audience receives the material in the new medium. It is up to the creators of the item in the new medium to make sure the core parts of the item stay consistent, and the Russo brothers do this very well with Civil
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