Captain America The Patriot Of The World

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Addison Elliott
English III
May 3, 2016
Captain America the Patriot of the World
It seems that children seek to have an ideal of a perfect hero to whom they can admire. Superhero comics deserve their own part in the history of comics, since most comics are only about superheroes, and Captain America, is in fact a superhero. What are the roles of a hero in defining the values of a culture? A man on the street might tell you, a superhero is someone with extraordinary abilities and powers who saves the day. Superheroes could be characterized as having super strength, the ability to fly, or magical capabilities that utilizes the elements. Most would probably say superheroes are usually attractive white men, who have a super strength, and and show no fear when facing danger. Many, like Batman or Spiderman, wear costumes or masks that hide their true identity, allowing them to live a double life. All of these descriptions give a stereotypical depiction of what a superhero is. What is more important is how they affect a society.
Whether he is wearing red, white, and blue, fighting Nazis, displaying loyalty towards the timeless principles of freedom and justice, Captain America embodies the idea of the American dream and affects those he saves through the courage he so represents. In my research I found that he brings what every American desires to see: morality, freedom, equality and justice. Captain America is the super soldier and backbone in the the Marvel universe. He…
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