Captain America The Patriot Of The World

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Addison Elliott English III Mr.Slaten May 3, 2016 Captain America the Patriot of the World It seems that children seek to have an ideal of a perfect hero to whom they can admire. Superhero comics deserve their own part in the history of comics, since most comics are only about superheroes, and Captain America, is in fact a superhero. What are the roles of a hero in defining the values of a culture? A man on the street might tell you, a superhero is someone with extraordinary abilities and powers who saves the day. Superheroes could be characterized as having super strength, the ability to fly, or magical capabilities that utilizes the elements. Most would probably say superheroes are usually attractive white men, who have a super strength,…show more content…
I felt that God was calling me to stand up for what I believed in and what I believed in is that not one situation ends well in a fight. So I needed to be there to create a peace barrier with my family. Captain america was good guy who set out to do the right thing and keeps on doing it, even when the world is against him at every turn. He is the kind of man willing to make sacrifices to save those around him. Being different than everyone, being an outcast is all what Captain America is about. People want to be different and want to help the world become what it is. People’s love of their country is tied to Captain America. He was brave, honest, dependable and dedicated. These are admirable traits, no matter your nationality. This is why Captain America was the first and last of his kind. He was a unique individual who affected many by the way he lived out his life in the Marvel Comic Universe. America wants to be like Captain America, who truly represented what Americans stand for. He affects everyone and represents what most countries want to represent in their own country, bravery, dedication and patriotism. This is what makes it so intriguing. The way I look at it, is that Cap represents the good that anyone has in their lives. What compels me is that Cap is willing to risk everything, for the greater good. He doesn’t yield to the world. When someone is portrayed as an outcast, can he or she still serve as a hero? Cap is the mark of goodness in this broken world
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