Captain Cook's Impact On The Tahitian People

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The people from Europe knew about the cultures of the people of China because of the trade that was already in place with them. They could even see that in some ways the Chinese people were a little more advanced in society than they were themselves (Sayre 370). Furthermore, the people of China were better educated than the Europeans of that time. They had a very sophisticated educational systems and more than a million people had graduated from those programs (Sayre 370). The society of the Chinese people was also based much more on equality than it was in Europe. While there was a system of nobility, the decisions made were more likely to be open to review by people from any level of society. (Sayre 370) Because a good system…show more content…
This shock comes mainly from the lack of understanding of another’s different ways. From Captain Cook’s adventures with the Tahitian people, we can see how opposing views can cause somewhat of a shock. Cook came across many traditions in Tahiti that were very different from his own. One of these was the very ritualistic act of tattooing (Sayre 369). This was a very important part of life for the Tahitian people, but it seemed very strange to Cook and his men. This can happen in any situation where people are faced with something that is not what they are used to. While culture shock is usually thought of in large scale terms, it can even happen from one region of a country or state to another. In travel ball, I went to many different parts of the state as well as many other states. Certainly the culture shock was not as pronounced in these situations, but some of the things people did differently from what I was used to presented a little bit of culture shock. Even the way that some people called what I call lunch by the name dinner and what I call dinner by the name supper was a little bit of culture
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