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Captain Edith Strong Jennifer Mathiesen CJA/474 Managing Criminal Justice Personnel June 10, 2013 Mark Weissmann Captain Edith Strong Captain Edith Strong is an 18 year law enforcement veteran and is currently the watch commander of a Field Operations Division in the city of Rogerville; a city that covers 65.4 square miles and has more than 101,000 citizens. The Field Operations Division is mostly made up of White males. There is a definitive chain of command and each job is clear-cut and each officer follows his or her job description religiously. Deviation of a job description always result in disciplinary action, which typically results in a write up. This division takes care of 62% of the departments’ measurable workload, yet…show more content…
Dissatisfied officers, through a survey, complain the job is dissatisfying, morale is low, response time is lengthy, citizen complaints are up, more disability claims are being filed, and the turnover rate exceeds projections. Through this survey Captain Strong has the ‘why’ portion of the problem. This is the first step in designing a program that can help meet departmental and employee needs. Through the six patrol officer’s feelings found in the survey, it seems the best approach to a resolution revolves around changing one policy; the policy that states no more than two officers can take a break or meet at one time. Every complaint the police officers have revolves around low morale and the best way to raise morale is to connect people. In this case, allow officers to meet more than just at roll-call and in backup situations. Making the department more of a social entity will not solve everything on its own. Negativity has the potential to spread like wild fire so it is imperative that Captain Strong adopt a motivational strategy that will help reduce negativity in a more group-oriented atmosphere (More, Vito & Walsh, 2012). Suggested Motivational Strategies The crucial component to diminishing job dissatisfaction, poor performance, and high turnover is motivation. Simply creating more social time for the patrol officers is a motivator in itself. Additionally, Captain Strong needs to apply the motivational strategy of choice to supervisors as

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