Essay about Captain Edith Strong

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Captain Edith Strong
In today’s society the employees need to feel appreciated as well as motivated to do his or her everyday job successfully. To run a successful business or police department, the workers must feel as if he or she is satisfied with the results of his or her hard work as well as appreciated for everything he or she has done. If the workers and the officers do not get the praise needed and the proper treatment at work he or she would not want to come to work or would feel as if he or she does not have to do much for the organization because nothing is giving back in return. Philosophical Approach
The philosophical approach that Captain Strong should take to carry out the project would be to find what is causing the
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By cutting corners certain evidence or information could get lost as well as skipped and could cause an innocent individual his or her freedom. Therefore, to make sure that all of the evidence in gathered and every information is put into place the police officers must not feel rush and must take his or her time to go study the reports and file his or her paperwork.
Motivational strategies
Motivational strategies that Captain Strong should consider is listening to what the officers have to say and taking his or her needs into consideration. For example “patrol officer in the department works solo, and departmental police prohibits more than two officer eating meals or taking coffee breaks at the same time in the same restaurant” (More, Vito, & Walsh, 2012). Instead of having the officer’s work by his or her selves he or she should be paired off with someone this way a friendship can build as well as morale’s. By letting the officers take lunch together would give each the chance to relax and calm down after a hard morning of work.
E.R.G. Theory
Concerning E.R.G theory (Existence, Relatedness, and Growth Needs) it is applicable in this case (More, Vito, & Walsh, 2012). With existence needs the patrol officers are overworked with paperwork and do not have enough time to fully investigate certain incidents. When the officers become overworked, he or she would not want to come to work and would have the energy to do

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