Captain John Smith : An English Explorer, Soldier, And Self Proclaimed

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Over 400 years ago in the Atlantic Ocean, three ships, complete with 105 men and 39 crew members aboard, steadily paced themselves across an uncharted and unfamiliar territory. One of the three ships contained Captain John Smith - an English explorer, soldier, and self proclaimed author. Unbeknownst to Smith at the time, he would journal and create the first ever “accurate" map of both Virginia and New England. Smith’s accuracy of coastlines and physical landmarks has long been hailed as nothing short of astounding when put in context with the technology (or lack thereof) in his possession. His original maps were sent back to England with the hopes of capturing the minds - and pocketbooks - of wealthy potential investors. Fast forward 150 years from Smith’s maiden voyage and over thirteen colonies and two and a half million people inhabited the once mysterious coastline. For the first time ever, a massive influx of foreign colonists to the New World was set into motion, some say solely by Smith’s intricate and persuasive map-making skills. His illustrations painted a beautiful land, one in which Powhatan’s Indian tribe and Smith’s crew worked side-by-side, one with hundreds of small villages located so closely together that trade between the two cultures would lead to prosperity of an unfathomable magnitude, and most importantly, a land so magnificent, it convinced Puritanical settlers that their true destiny lay an ocean away. Due to the historical impact of Smith’s

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