Captain Joshua Arter: A Narrative Fiction

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Noah remembered that day like it was yesterday. He was on a space trip, searching for habitable planets under the command of Captain Joshua Arter. He had a long day mapping out the stars, and he finally got a break, so so he thought. One of his fellow crew mates gave out a shout of warning.
“Sir, we may have a problem.”
“What is it?” Captain Arter asked.
“There is an unknown force headed towards your ship.” The man replied.
“An asteroid? It will be tricky, but I think we can doge it.”
“No sir, it can't be. It began to slow down, and has moved out of your course. We think it may be another ship, sir.”
“…Amazing. Have we attempted to contact them?”
“Is that the best idea sir? We have no idea who they are or what they want.”
“Well we
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Well, allow me to begin the tour. Please follow me as I explain the History of Unum. We believe in the land and the sky. We pray to the stars, and bless the sky, and we are given back blessings in return. Our people are divided into 5 clans; The 1st Clan,The Earth Clan, The 2nd Clan, The Water Clan, The 3rd Clan, The Fire Clan, The 4th Clan, The Sky Clan, and lastly, the 5th Clan, The Warrior Clan. Each Clan works together to develop a peaceful society. The 1st clan is actually much like you humans. They live on land, and are known for their agriculture.” They passed by a large field of farmland, with large fruit growing from beautiful plants. “The 2nd clan lives deep below water, and feature gills on their necks. They do not grow hair besides the head to allow for faster swimming. They also have webbed feet. As you can probably tell, I am from the 2nd Clan. My clan is known to collect fish for the people, and are the most skilled in the ways of art. We can also survive extremely low temperatures.” As they walked by the beach, Noah could see many people running and diving into the ocean, as if they were racing. “The 3rd Clan is known to live in large mountains and volcanos. They can survive extreme heat, and can live off of rocks alone. They are known to be extremely strong, and mine resources with the claws that can grow from their hands.” Tina nodded at a man carrying a large rock, and dragging it away from a hole. Once the rock was out of the way, many men ran inside. Noah assumed it was a mining cave. “The 4th Clan, who live high above in the Sky Cities. They are known for their exotic birds, which they learn to ride at a very young age. They bring down resources that allow us to develop advanced technology with the help of the 3rd clan. It was actually believed that the 4th clan died out when there was a great storm that caused communication with the sky to be terminated. The storm was so bad that they could not send a bird out until one
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