Captain Maximus: A Narrative Fiction

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Ophelia looked over and jumped to see a whole squad of Fox squirrels with leather straps on them like Maximus running towards them. Maximus quickly sat up. “What the?”
A bigger squirrel stepped up. “Captain Maximus. We hate to interrupt but we need to speak with you immediately.”
Maximus felt torn. He looked to his wife who sighed and looked off to the side waving him off. “Just go, Maximus.”
Maximus ears lowered. “Ophelia…”
“Please. You can’t even get a day vacation with your family just…go where you’re needed. We’re fine right. Otherwise, you wouldn’t leave us so much. Just, go!” she snapped.
The squad of soldiers looks amongst each other and felt terrible. Maximus was affronted and his son frowned. He sighed and his eyes shimmered. “It’s okay Dad, I’ll take care of Mom.”
Maximus turned away then looked back saying for certainly. “I’ll be back. That’s one promise I’ll never break, Ophelia.”
Despite the situation, Ophelia gave a forced nod. Maximus went to the leader, nodded, and they ran off into the bushes of the woods.
The gray squirrels wore leather straps around their necks. They climbed up trees and jumped at the flying birds that swerved through the sky. The squirrels dangled in the air, but despite that, the squirrels continued to bite at
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A gray squirrel shot itself at Maximus, pinning to the ground. The enemy squirrel slugged Maximus across the face, but the fox squirrel used his lower body strength to kick the enemy off him. The gray squirrel flipped onto its feet and attacked. Maximus feinted left then a quick right before it used its tail to trip the squirrel to the ground. However, the gray squirrel chased Maximus and soon, so was the other gray squirrels in the trees. Afterward, they jumped from the trees to land on Maximus who dodged. The red squirrel Captain jumped from branch to branch as the other gray squirrels followed. Maximus used the trunks to dodge each thrown rock and chestnut. He shook the chips from his
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