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Captain, Thanks for letting me know that the new RRN XO also saw the process foul on the part of RRN. That is a great relief for me. Now, I started to feel a little further away from the microscope. Thanks for always being there for me and for supporting my decision. Here is what I told Rocky "After talking with the wife, thinking this over and looking at all angles, I decided to keep my word as I have always done it until now. I hate to ruin another person's plan by taking the HST's orders and cause another domino effect in our community. Go ahead and continue with the original plan and issue me orders to the RRN. I would like a two years order and I will go unaccompanied. Everything happens for a reason in life. I just have to find that reason." Here is the reason for my unaccompanied tour: - My wife has her dream job and it is only…show more content…
Both sisters maintain a very close relationship. Captain, about me doing goofy stuff, please do not worry about that. On or off duty, I am very focused and believe in doing things correctly regardless of temptations. On a different note, I am very glad that you had a good time talking with my team and enjoyed the relationship we keep. Unfortunately, I had to flush one of my team members since he was on a different program other than helping the Fleet. Besides, he had numerous personal problems and he created a great deal of conflicts at work. I tried to work with him for a whole year, but things did not get any better and every day was a nightmare. Everything really changed after he left and now everyone is more relaxed, focused and happier as it should be. I really did not get to talk to you privately due to your tight schedule, but a couple of things I wanted to discuss with you are as follows: - Re-emphasize is the need of having another Commander (05) in PACFLT, that is, if we (Aviation Ordnanceman) want to take over and rule the
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