Essay on Captain Murderer

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Captain Murderer

Captain Murderer was written in the 1800’s by Charles Dickens. In this essay I intend to write about exploring character structure, language, social content and themes.

Captain Murderer was described as an evil character by the narrator.
His position in society was great he was let into the best of parties.

‘The first diabolical character who intruded himself on my peaceful youth was a certain Captain Murderer’

The word diabolical comes from the Latin word Diablo which means devil. He was let into the best of parties and a desirable husband.
Charles Dickens introduces Captain Murderer successfully as an evil character by the language he uses.

He marries people who have a lot of money because after he
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‘ And that day month, she rolled the pie crust out, and Captain
Murderer cut her head off, and chopped her into pieces, and peppered her, and salted her, and put her in the pie, and sent it to the bakers, and ate it all, and picked the bones’

In the story of Blue Beard the main character marries one of a set of twin’s and also a spot of blood appears on his key. These are important points to take. Another interesting point to take is that one of the twins end up killing the husband.

The most successful element in this story surely must be the repetitive phrases which Dickens uses to engage the readers interest and to keep them interested.

In the story of Captain Murderer the dark and fair twins are loosely based on the twins in the Blue Beard and the story of Snow White and
Red Rose. The meeting of twins is the beginning of the end for Captain

‘Captain Murderer went on his way prospering exceedingly until he came to choose a bride from two twin sisters.’

Charles Dickens uses a typical dark and fair twin’s pair in a children’s story that’s based on the sister in Blue Beard.

Charles Dickens successfully shows the reader that Captain Murderer uses a sick ritual that gives him pleasure, the dark twin gets her revenge in this typical children’s story because good always wins evil. Charles dickens uses lots of old style language throughout the story.
It is old fashion because
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