Captain Of The Colorguard-Personal Narrative

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In 2014 I had just started my senior year of high school. I was eighteen with great grades and captain of the colorguard. One would think that I was responsible with everything in my life. A huge responsibility that I took on was the privilege to drive. My license was freshly laminated, and I was ready to get out and experience one of the first steps of adulthood. Soon I realized that glancing down at my phone for just a split second could have changed everything. Christmas break was right around the corner and everyone was talking about the senior Christmas dance. I was debating for weeks on whether I should go, but sadly it was too late when I finally decided I would go. All my friends at lunch were talking about their dresses. All I could do was sink down into my seat and try to block out their words. My good friend Megan noticed my glum face. “Weslyn, you’re going right?” She asked while trying to hold in her giddiness long enough to hold a conversation. “I was but I don’t have a ticket.…show more content…
I looked down to see an incomplete text that read, “Almost th-.” Swallowing my guilt, I called my parents and explained what happened. My parents and the police arrived. As my parents ran towards me, I clenched my teeth and fists partly to ease my pain, but to also get ready for them to chew me out. Surprisingly, they hugged me and were glad I was okay. I told the police what happened and he handed me a big, fat ticket for speeding and rear-ending the man. I turned to my parents and repeatedly told them sorry and that I would pay for everything. Choking on my tears I told them I would stay and get the car towed. My mother pulled me close to where I was eye to eye with her. I could see tears whaling up in her eyes; she began to wipe the now crusted blood off my face and arm. She smiled and said, “You’re going to that dance. You are lucky to be alive. Go
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