Captain Phillips

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Film project contrast paper
Captain Phillips movie, examines the 2009 hijacking of a U.S container ship, by the name Maerks Alabama. The movie stars Tom Hanks as Richard Phillip (IMDb). It is a hard pounding thriller that exhibits the creativity of its director Paul Green Grass. According to Ryan McNeil (2013) the movie reflects on the primary effects of globalization, by showing the relationship between the ship's commanding officer and the Somali captain who forcefully held him (McNeil). Richard Phillips meets with Muse; the Somali captain, when Phillips ship goes on a wrong course (IMDb). Both captains find themselves at the mercy of forces, which are beyond their control. The movie is
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Though not much of his personal life is given, the movie becomes immensely alive when the actual plot starts going (IMDb).
The director Paul Green grass is commonly known for bringing good movies to the world audience (IMDb). He directed this movie after having a three year break; his last movie was Green zone in the year 2008.It is true that the period the director took to make this movie, was not a waste. The movie lives up to the expectations of the audience (Topmann). The attention that he gives for details, and his ability to scout talent is present in this exhilarating movie (McNeil).
Analysis of film reviewer
Movie reviewers have had different stands on Captain Phillips movie. Many movie reviewers have criticized the movie negatively, while others have praised the efforts of the director in creating a thoughtful account. Movie reviewers have presented mixed reactions that the audience may depict on regards to this movie.
Ed Whitfield, Lawrence Topman and Tony Brian all agree that the movie does not live to the expectations. Their common claim is that, Captain Phillips is just an ordinary thriller movie, Ed Whitfield says that “captain Phillips, does not have an absorbing tale to tell” (Whitfield). He describes the movie as being meaty and immensely raw (Whitfield). The critic argues that the movie is just an ordinary thriller, with components like those in other thriller movies, “an armed siege, a game of cat and mouse” (Whitfield).
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