Capturing Student's Attention with Artisitc Depiction of Historical Events

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This article talks about the importance of artistic depictions of historical events that can capture a student’s imagination. It states that using art in social studies requires moving beyond art appreciation toward nurturing a higher awareness level of inference and critical interpretation. In order to assist students in this process, the authors for this article have developed a scaffolding method (REED-LO) that supports the interpretation of a work of art and a Web 2.0 tool that is a freely-available Web-based Art Interactive Tool (WAIT) that enables students to virtually visit the selected works of art from a museum. Although it may be difficult and time/distance-limiting to arrange for students to go to a museum or a field trip, this tool brings the museum to the students and also allows them a more hands-on experience, as opposed to “sit and get” experience otherwise available, to learn, explore, and interpret works of art.
The goal of a teacher in a social studies classroom should be to improve the students’ critical thinking skills along with learning about the content matter of the subject they are studying. This article discusses the Constructivist theory of scaffolding and it is useful in this context because it allows teachers to teach the content as well as teach students the ability to analyze and critique information based on their own interpretation of the art that is being discussed.
As we discovered in class, the collective experience from social studies…