Capturing a Moment with Photography

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Photography can capture moments in time that will always hold a special place in one’s heart allowing them to remember the emotion they felt during that time. Picture manipulations have been around for centuries and still exist today. In a popular picture from 1936, Dorothea Lange displays two forms of manipulation. She removed something so little, which represents so much by a method called technical retouching. It changed the whole emotion of the picture. She also stage-managed her photo’s to hide very important details that would have changed the whole effect of the photo. Modern manipulations exist by Photoshop and could be more effective than ever before. “Long before Photoshop and other image-editing tools, artists, photographers, and composers were manipulating images. We still live in a culture and world where we want to assume that cameras provide us with an objective truth” (When Images “Lie”, 2011). Trying to convey a message can be difficult, but with a little altering the message the photographer is trying to portray can become clearer to the viewer. Trying to covey a message through a picture can be extremely difficult because not everyone sees the vision of the photographer. Stage-managing is when you set up a setting in a way that delivers an illusion for the viewer to perceive. Photographers usually do this when they want to put emphasis on a certain subject. Lange Stage-managed her most popular image, Migrant…
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