Essay on Capturing and Deploying an Image

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The focus of this paper will be installing an operating system over a network to one or many computers by creating an image. There are multiple ways to install an operating system on a computer. The way that is chosen depends on the installer’s situation. One scenario would be if the installer is only dealing with a single computer that needs an operating system installed. The other scenario is if there are many computers that need operating systems installed at one time. An operating system is a set of programs that manage computer hardware resources and provide common services for application software. (Operating Systems) Without the operating system, a computer could not function. Applications would not be able to operate …show more content…
Using an image is more convenient because the work is done for you once the image has been deployed. These two methods of installation on a single computer would most likely take place if you are dealing with your own personal computer or you’re helping a friend out. The second scenario is the need to install an operating system on multiple computers at one time. A situation such as this would most likely occur in the workplace. For example, if a company is upgrading from one operating system to another, the IT department would need to deploy an image to all of the new computers to install the new operating system in a timely fashion. Just like the first scenario, a reference computer would need to be created that is completely configured according to the companies needs and an image would then need to be created from that computer. This image would be saved and be able to be deployed to all of the computers simultaneously. The way the company chooses to deploy an image can vary from keeping the image on the company’s server or stored on a separate laptop and connecting that laptop to the target computers. The introduction of being able to create an image and deploy it to multiple computers is a lifesaver for IT technicians and companies. This method saves time
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