Capturing the Friedman's

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Capturing the Friedman’s Capturing the Friedman’s is directed by Andrew Jarecki. The film focuses on the 1980’s investigation and conviction of Arnold Friedman and his son Jesse Friedman on charges of child molestation. This film could certainly be put into the category of accidental excellence as Andrew Jarecki was initially interested in creating a documentary on New York City clowns and it was only through his interviews with David Friedman (the most successful of Manhattan clowns) that he stumbled upon a goldmine of a back-story. The result is a fascinating and revealing documentary about suburban family dysfunction. The Friedman’s were a middle class Jewish family living on Long Island with their three sons, Seth,…show more content…
It is interesting to see a person with so much pain and suffering perform and bring joy to small children. You cannot escape the irony that small children were the reason for his father’s and brother’s incarceration, and yet they are the focus of his career. The film “Capturing the Friedman’s” also has a certain amount of interactivity which can be observed in David’s home footage where he is posing questions to his brother, father and his mother. In one scene we see David and Jesse turn against their mother in their father’s defense, accusing her of betraying the family. We witness David’s hostility mount throughout the film. During the entire film we see Jarecki asking questions to one of the supposed victims who is lying on the couch while the interview is being conducted. It is seemingly very tough to draw a conclusion from the film because the film keeps jumping in all directions and Jarecki keeps throwing shocking tidbits of information at you. There is one curve ball after another which leaves us with so many questions lurking in our minds that it is very hard to figure out if Arnold Friedman was really innocent or not. However the film itself is very well crafted and Jarecki was able to weave a unified story from all those interviews and family
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