Capturing the Value of Supplementary Services

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A brief note on Supplementary service verses standard service:

The service as a product is essentially described as a package or bundle of different services, tangibles and intangibles, which all together form the total product. The package is divided into two main categories: the first one is the main service, which is called the 'core service ' or 'substantive service '. The other one is 'auxiliary services ' or 'extras ', which are often referred to as 'peripherals ' or 'peripheral services '. These are also known as supplementary services. The core service is the basic value provided by the service product. It is the reason to purchase or consume services. This is the reason for which any company is in business too.
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When the supplementary services are offered with all the above attributes discussed in the flexible services offering section, there are lot many benefits the service providers gain and it also establishes the fact that trimming the supplementary services to what is required and beneficial to the manufacturer has benefits that far outweigh the benefits of keeping all the supplementary services just so as to satisfy the customer and keep the market share. ▪ Flexible service offering provides suppliers with a powerful means of retaining and expanding business with their most valuable customers. ▪ Helps customize the packages of products and services to meet more precisely the requirements of its spectrum of customers. ▪ Enables managers to be more adaptive and responsive in their pricing. ▪ Flexible service offering helps companies to revamp their sales force philosophies and practices. More control is given in the hands of the sales team there by enabling sales team to be more persuasive in explaining the value of services to the customers.
##Case Study: Credit Card Marketing in Indian Industry

The case study below deals with managing perceived
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