Capulets-Personal Narrative

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She sat perched upon the edge of her seat, her eyes downcast as she watched the white of the cream curl amidst the dark brown of the coffee. How many cups did this make within the last 24 hours? Her twelfth? Thirteenth? There had been one point in which she had almost had two in a row, were it not for the small voice in her head that had advised her otherwise. So, she had opted for water in its stead and immediately regretted it. Fifteen minutes later, the young Capulet found herself fighting to keep her eyelids open -- almost falling asleep while standing, a feat in itself. Had she mustered the selfishness and indifference towards her fellow Capulets, she might have allowed herself to fall asleep while they gave their reports and accepted…show more content…
She was invested in the Craven brothers. One more than the other, of course, but she was invested either way. Rafaella was invested in their loyalties, in their conflicts, and in their outcomes. One more than the other. A low exhale blew past her lips as she cradled her head in her hands, heading dipping so low to the point where her nose almost dipped into the foam of her drink. It was a moment of reprieve, a moment where she would almost allow herself to break. But did she? Of course not. Lions do not cry when hyenas nip at their heels -- so neither would Rafaella. It took her a moment, a couple of deep breaths, for her to straighten her spine once more. She tied her hair up, straightened her shoulders, and smoothed the pleats of her…show more content…
Arising from her perch, she held out her hand for her date to grace with his lips. There was a slight pause as she did, her brow quirking up expectantly as she held his gaze. It wasn’t a difficult thing to do, since there was something in his eyes that reminded her of his brother. However, in that same breadth, she found herself glancing away -- the memories of the masquerade too fresh, too soon. “Everett,” she greeted, a playful smile ghosting across her lips as she pointedly glanced at her outstretched hand. “Thank you for meeting me on such short notice. I wish I could have found a more convenient time for us both -- but, in light of recent events, such an endeavor seems more or less
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