Car Accident Essay

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“Oh,and I heared a rumor that I died in a car accident . I didn’t.” In these days a lot of drivers record or photograph how they are speeding up in the streets while driving just for impressing people in social media . People don’t realize that doing those minor things causes severe pains or even death . people are on their phones, sending text messages , driving drank and most of them are having fatigue from driving for long hours or overly stressed after having a though working day, but after having a car accident who is the one to blame ? For sure “THE GOVERNMENT”. Each year thousands of lives are lost because of car accidents . There are many reasons for it .Like, from driving drunk to even falling asleep behind the wheel. Driving…show more content…
The three worst habits teens have are road rage, poor thinking on safety, and multitasking. Anyone that drives has experienced road rage. However, most teens practice the bad habit of road rage, mainly because they want to be the fastest drivers and the best above all .Besides the bad habits of teenagers , in the past the only issue was drinking and speeding up while driving, now people have to be concerned more about texting . Texting and driving is a huge safety risk that can cause the driver and innocent passengers to be killed or injured.Due to the number of death that had been occurred as a result of texting , then it is a strong and important issue to be concerned about. Having a life taken away because a person could not wait to text until after the car has stopped, is something that people should be awared about. The main question that has been listed is why can not people resist to pick up their phones when they are behind the wheel? Despite the warnings and laws that have been given by the government , for many people their brain is in battle between picking up the phone and leaving it alone while driving. There are many facts about texting and driving that should really open up peoples’ eyes about how dangerous texting is and how it turned to be an addiction . Some people argue that car accidents are under the responsibility of the government .However, the roads are carefully

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