Car Compare with Hoq. Bmw, Audi and Mb Essay

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Final Project

House of Quality (QFD)

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 3

2 Abbreviations 3

3 House of Quality Summary 3

4 System Analysis 4
4.1 Voice of Costumer (Costumer requirements). Assumptions 4
4.3 Engineering hypothesis of the analysis. 5
4.4 AUDI S4 Sedan (2012) 5
4.4.1 Data Inputs (Importance) 6
4.4.2 Result Analysis. 7
4.5 BMW M3 Sedan (2012) 10
4.5.1 Data Inputs (Importance) 11
4.4.2 Result Analysis. 12
4.6 Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG Sedan 15
4.6.1 Data Inputs (Importance) 16
4.6.2 Result Analysis. 17

5 Conclusion 19

6 References 20
Table of Figures

Figure 1 - House of Quality Process Summary 5

Figure 2 - Audi S4 2012 6

Figure 3 - AUDI S4
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4.4 AUDI S4 Sedan (2012)


Figure 2 - Audi S4 2012[iii]

By analysing the specification of car[iv] AUDI S4 Sedan and also the specialized press web sites[v], we were able to quantify and qualify the system analyzed.

The House of quality below is the result of the analysis of the AUDI S4 sedan.


Figure 3 - AUDI S4 HOQ[vi]

4.4.1 Data Inputs (Importance)

By analyzing the AUDI S4 Sedan specifications (AUDI, 2013) and data (Top Gear, 2013) we qualify the weight and importance of customer requirements. With the customer requirements importance level defined we oversight the technical specifications and data from source (Top Gear, 2013), looking for the functions and feature that will attend the customer requirements of the AUDI S4. With the functions and features defined we post those in the technical requirements and define the relationship of the them with the customer requirements, the relation between customer requirements and technical requirements is represented by a “value” which means weight of the determined function or feature (Technical requirement) over the customer requirement. Defining the relationship of customer requirements with the functions and features we will end up with values of functions and features that will influence the system analyzed. Having costumer requirements, function and features of AUDI
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