Car Crash Analysis

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The dream that I chose to use interpret with the dream dictionary was about a car crash. I was in the passenger seat of a car driving up an overpass and the car fell off the overpass.

The dream dictionary stated that the car crash might indicate inner conflict with my beliefs, lifestyle or goals. As well as, the dream could be symbolic of injured pride. The dream could also be indication of careless driving habits.

The first piece from the dream dictionary that stated that the dream might be in from inner conflict which would fall under the psychoanalysis theory being that the theory states that dream provide insight to desires, motives, and conflicts of which we're unaware. Secondly, by the dream dictionaries later definition, that dream could be indication of careless driving,
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I use to be afraid of overpasses and I would dream the dream on days I went over very tall overpass. I dreamed that dream because overpasses and my fear of falling off overpasses had occupied my waking tought that day.

I believe that dreams can have meaning but not all dream do. Just as Freud had cautioned sometimes, "A cigar is just a cigar." Some dreams seem as they did not relate to day-to-day life, problems or conflict, or desires. Nonetheless, in my experience I have had dreams that very strongly really to my normal cognitive thought process, as well as, my problems and conflict.

I believe there can be problems associated with the dream dictionary and other websites like it. Websites like the dream dictionary can influence uninformed people to find meaning and dreams and sequentially let it affect their actions or interpretation. As for the credibility I cannot comment on the ads because I have ad block and ads can be a direct correlation to a person's Google searches and browser activity. I did navigate to the dream fact page and noticed there were no references which affects their credibility to
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