Car Guys Vs Bean Counters : The Battle For The Soul Of American Business

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Book Review: Car Guys vs Bean Counters: The Battle For The Soul Of American Business By xxxx There is no question, especially in the light of the rear view mirror of the car industry in the last decade, that any book written by an ex-executive the industry will have some revisionist history. In this regard Lutz did not disappoint, and from a self-described product guy, he seems to lay out the reasons for the incredible collapse of his industry everywhere else except at his feet. For some reason the forces that commandeered Detroit, and to a larger extent the car industry as a whole, were in part because myopic leadership was out of tune with the wants and needs of the consumer. This accusation of tone-deafness is certainly nothing new for many industries devastated by the Great Recession. So it was with this paradigm that I dove into Car Guys vs Bean Counters; an almost religious quest to find out what was done wrong. Immediately in the introduction I realized that this was not going to be the result of this quest. Lutz, in his straightforward narrative, dashed any illusions as to the point of his book by highlighting to the reader that this was to be a review of leaders, in all their successes and foibles, he had encountered along his career. Fair enough, and intriguing enough, that to the eye of someone somewhat versed in modern leadership styles and theories, this might prove to be an interesting read. The book follows eleven exposés, where Lutz described

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