Car Marketing And Driving Towards Sex

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She is Used: Car Marketing and Driving Towards Sex Sex? No, thank you; we are civilized, decent and socially appropriate for all ages. This is an applicable response for any advertising medium until the end of the 1990’s perhaps. Fast forward to the twenty-first century and this notion can be blatantly disregarded. There is no doubt that advertising plays is a proportional factor automobile sales and even if there this was not so, car manufacturers believe that marketing helps. During the year 2012 alone, BMW spent approximately 288 million dollars on advertising in the United States alone, according to It’s safe to say that to brands like Bayerische Motoren Werke, this is definitely a big deal. Society has gradually and gracefully molded the minds of men to believe that something used is unwanted and of an unfavorably lesser value. In a culture that has for so long been male-dominated, this philosophy has been adapted indiscriminately, even to apply to women. For example, in tradition Italian cultures, a woman may be banished from her family and shunned by her new husband if he suspects that she was not a virgin when they consummated their marriage. Albeit, there are some that would rejoice to find that their sheets were not stained but this still does not raise conformity. Italians are renowned for a bold compensation, the Ferrari brand, and scores of men would desire owning one regardless of what the odometer reads. The automobile industry has played a
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