Car Rental Business Plan

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Car Rental Services

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Executive Summary

Business Description
2.1 Business plan 5
2.2 Long term goals of the company 5
2.3 Starting plan & Expenses 5
2.4 Company strength &Uniqueness of service 7/8
2.5 Potential of the business 8

Marketing Plan
3.1 Marketing segments & Target segments 9
3.2 Market needs 10
3.3 Competition 10
3.4 Promotion & Advertising strategy 11
3.5 Pricing Strategy 11
3.6 Marketing Budget 12

Operation Plan
4.1 Various service offered 13
4.2 Selling price & Sales revenue 14

Management Plan
5.1 Management team 15
5.2 Role of Employees 16

Financial Plan
6.1 Profit & loss statement 18
6.2 Cash flow statement
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In the past 5 years, the Kingdom of Bahrain has undergone a sea of change, with major developments happening in the private sector & public sector. Many ambitious projects such as residential & office buildings, resorts and other various developments are being sanctioned by the government. This recent developments have increased tourism and foreign investments into the country and with these developments, the car rental and the hotel business has started booming.

2.2) Long term goals of the Company
For the company to be successful, it is important to fix and fulfill all its goals that have been set to be achieved. Our future goals or targets are:  To expand the company business into Saudi Arabia
 To set up a driving training institute
 To form a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) for liability protection of personal and company assets.

2.3) Starting plan & Expenses

The Owner will finance the start-up expenses for the company. The property on Exhibition road will be leased in January 2007 for a minimum of three years. The location is already fixed and secured the lease for BD 600 per month.

We have also made a contract with the local motor company, to acquire four Toyota's, four Nissan, one Mazda, one BMW Z3 and two Limousines. The owner will have an initial investment of BD 1,000,000

Initial Setup Costs for 1 year
Marketing & Advertising BD 9,600/- Promotion & marketing of the business at BD 800/- per month

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