Car Tuning

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The modification of company-manufactured vehicles, otherwise known as “Car Tuning”, has become increasingly widespread over the past few years. It has developed from industry application into being a popular hobby in which cars are modified by their owners in order to optimize performance, handling and perhaps add a personal touch. This type of activity might be mistaken by many to be reserved for racing “junkies”, but if we take a closer look, it actually proves to be quite beneficial in terms of fuel consumption and safety. Superchargers or turbochargers are known to increase engine efficiency and power, whereas advanced suspension and braking tend to drastically upgrade handling and thus safety. A carefully designed exhaust system can…show more content…
• A spark plug ignites the mixture and the combustion takes place. In this phase, timing is crucial since the spark must occur when the air/fuel mixture is compressed to the optimal point. Else, the combustion will not work as effectively as it should. Once the combustion takes place, the piston is pushed back down • Now, the exhaust valves evacuate the product of the combustion and the engine is ready for another cycle. Here, we notice the importance of the valves that must open at the correct time to fill the combustion chamber and then to clear this chamber from the product of the combustion. The timing of the valves is controlled by the Cam-Shaft. This part of the engine decides on the correct timing: thus filling the combustion chamber when needed and evacuating it when it is full. Factory, or “stock”, cars are made for average driving conditions and driver expectations. Sacrifices in performance, efficiency, and even handling are made for more comfort (Wikipedia). Car tuning is not yet very popular among people especially here in Lebanon. While people may think that car tuning is only for “race junkies”, the fact is that it actually improves the efficiency, performance, handling, and power of the car. The personal motive behind car tuning is usually personalizing the car to suit its owner’s needs, driving style, and personality. Engine efficiency is a major issue in the car industry. Instead of completely replacing an engine by a bigger and more powerful
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