Car Wash Business Plan

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The Dirt Buster was designed by entrepreneurs wishing to provide a high quality car wash service in a virtually untapped market. Because new construction is necessary, a large amount of initial capital is required for this venture . * EXECUTIVE SUMMARY * MARKET/MARKETING * BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE * MARKET ANALYSIS * POSITION * FINANCIAL DATA * ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT * MISCELLANEOUS ISSUES * OWNERSHIP * CRITICAL RISKS AND PROBLEMS: DESCRIPTION * SUMMARY OF UNIQUE FEATURES AND BENEFITS * OVERALL STRATEGIC DIRECTION * AVAILABLE MATERIALS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Description of Business Nature of Service The Dirt Buster is to be a full-service car wash facility comprised…show more content…
We then expect our growth to mirror the community 's projected market growth, which is approximately 3.5 percent to 5 percent per year. Because there are no other car wash operations within a four mile radius of our site location, we feel confident our predicted growth will, ataminimum, follow industry trends. Therefore, we expect to have a 100 percent market share of our target market for at least the short term. Strategic Direction Stage of Business A start-up business designed to fill a service void which was created ten years ago after the last full-service tunnel wash facility in this market area terminated its operations. Again, the last full-service tunnel terminated its operations for reasons external to the business itself. Long Range Direction We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining the finest car wash operation in the area, specifically known for the quality of service provided and the management 's commitment to the betterment of the community. MARKET/MARKETING Market Segment Sought We are extremely fortunate our service is not limited to a specific segment or group of the market. In fact, The Dirt Buster 's sole limiting factor is the small segment of its specific market which is without an automobile. In our market area alone, there are approximately 400,000 automobiles, or .8 automobiles per person. Benefits of Service to
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