Carbohydrate-Supplement Form and Exercise Performance

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As stated, many sports bars and drinks contain risky ingredients; that is why reading food labels and appropriate ingestion of these products is important. Carbohydrates, often referred to as carbs, are used to make glucose. Glucose is responsible for fueling your body and the energy can be stored. Extra energy storage is found in the glycogen. As Caitlin Campbell and her coauthors discuss in my designated article, conducted studies demonstrate that by drinking carbohydrates, exercise performance is enhanced because of the glucose levels in the blood and the extra storage of glycogen. Sports drinks, bars and gels are forms of carbohydrate-supplements designed to enhance performance for high training athletes. Do carbohydrate supplements, ingested by high endurance athletes, make a difference in their fuel uses and cycling time-trial performance?
In this metabolic study, eight men and eight women, whom were competitive, healthy cyclists were selected. This crossover study was conducted on four separate days, each time the participants were told to do light exercise the previous day and eat a typical prerace meal one to two hours prior to the experiment. At random each was given one of three carbohydrate supplements (sports…
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