Carbohydrates, Lipids And Proteins?

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Carbohydrates, Lipids or Proteins?
Elizabeth Martin del Campo 20609008
Partner: April D’Souza
TA’s: Avril Metcalfe & Quinton Yau
BIOL 130L 005 Tuesday from 7:00PM to 9:50PM B2 149
Sept 22, 2015

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this lab is to determine the type of macromolecules that make up a particular unknown solution; using 3 different chemical tests. The first test consists of adding Benedict’s reagent to 12 different solutions; including the unknown. If any of the 12 solutions undergo a reaction in which they change colour (yellow, green, red or brown), then; the solutions contain simple sugars (ex. Monosaccharides). The next test is the Iodine Test. In this particular experiment a drop of Iodine will be added to the same 12 solutions used in the previous test. If any of the solutions turn black / blue or a simple red/ brown, then; a reaction has occurred. If a reaction has occurred, the solution will either be made up of starch or glycogen. The final test consist of determining whether the solutions contain proteins. This is done by adding a drop of NaOH, and then 5 drops of CuSO4. If the solutions change colour to violet, then; a reaction has occurred and it will indicate us that there is protein. Addition to that, we will also look for the positive and negative controls of this experiment. We are using solutions that we know will form a reaction, such as; protein, starch and glucose. A positive control is the reassurance that the
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