Carbon Cycle : New Zealand Essay

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Carbon Cycle in New Zealand in the 2000s and in the 1800s An Introduction to the Carbon Cycle – Carbon is an important element found in all living organisms and also in many non-living organisms. Because there is a finite amount of carbon, and many living and non living matter that requires the element, the carbon goes through the carbon cycle so that it can be used repeatedly. The carbon cycle is the process in which the element carbon, in its many different forms, travels through the atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere and the ocean. This is done through the addition, removal and storage of carbon in these four locations through many processes such as respiration and decomposition of living organisms, burning of fossil fuels, dissolving and photosynthesis. All parts of the carbon cycle, addition, storage and removal, are linked together and are needed to complete the cycle. The Carbon Cycle can be broken into two parts, the biological and geological carbon cycle. The biological cycle is where the carbon is added, removed and stored in the biosphere through, plants, animals and other living organisms through processes such as photosynthesis and respiration. The biological carbon cycle generally is done in a shorter time period compared to the geological cycle which can take millions of years. This is because the geological cycle involves carbon becoming sedimentary rocks such as limestone through thousands years and then stored for millions more before it is released,
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