Carbon Emissions And The Mitigation Potential Of Automotive Vehicles

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University of Windsor

CO2 Emissions and the Mitigation Potential of Automotive Vehicles in Canada

Daksh Patel
Environmental Policy and Politics
Dr. Lydia Milgan
December 2, 2015

Executive Summary

Policy Problem One of the leading cause of climate change is the emission of greenhouse gases, such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2), water vapour, methane and nitrous oxide. There is undeniable evidence from hundreds of reputable sources that due to CO2 and other major greenhouse gases the Earth is warming up. The results of this have become extremely noticeable. The average temperature of the Earth has increased by 0.75°C since 1880, carbon dioxide emissions have increased 401.58 parts per million, land ice decreases 287 billion metric tons per year and sea level has risen by 3.24 mm per year ("Global Climate Change"). Just a 2°C increase in global temperature can cause devastating effects to developing countries. This kind of change has never been seen as quickly as it has occurred. Climate Change has become and will continue to be major issues around the world as the time passes. We are already seeing how the rich countries will have to cope by referring to California’s drought. Canada is much better able to cope with the climate change than most other countries due to its water resources and diverse climate. While Canada isn’t the largest producer of greenhouse gases, we can still make a difference and make a more sustainable environment for ourselves.…
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