Carbon Nanotubes

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Carbon is the fundamental element for everything on Earth. All life on Earth depends on carbon. Carbon has different forms of allotropes including diamond, graphene and charcoal. Carbon is found in position 12, with 4 colvalent electrons. All the allotropes have different properties nd uses due to how the carbon atoms are bonded. Carbon is able to single, double and triple bond with other elements to form complex molecules. Carbon can also use its four electrons to form diamond, where it is strong and stable, or three electrons to form graphite found in pencils, buckyball or all forms of nanocarbon including carbon nanotube.

Diamond has a giant molecular structure. Each carbon atom is covalently bonded to four other carbon atoms. Since covalent bonds are so strong, a great amount of energy is required to seperate the atoms in a diamond,
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Carbon nanotube have many structures, varing in length, thickness, and number of layers. Carbon nanotubes are graphene that has been rolled up into a tube-shape. Most significant use for carbon nanotubes is in structural reinforcement. Carbon nanofibres are extremely thin and light weighted, weighing about twentieth of a gram with one whole kilometer long. However, it was discovered that nanofibres are the ten times stronger than the strongest material, thus could strengthen almost any material. One of the significant uses of nanotube is acting as a carrier to transport drugs into the body. However, the use of nanotube in health care has become a debatable topic in today's society. Even though a nanotube is able to keep a particaular drug safe in its cage until it reaches a desired site where it can be released, scientists in Scotland have claimed that inhaling carbon nanotubes could be just as harmful as breathing in asbestos. They stated that "carbon nanotube can cause mesothelioma, a deadly cancer of the membrane lining in the body's internal
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