Carbonated Soft Drinks - How Do They Work? Essay

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Carbonated Soft Drinks - How Do They Work? Carbonated soft drinks have a huge history since their foremost inception. They are sweetened carbonated water, i.e. sugar laced aqueous solution of Carbon dioxide; and conventionally they are served, as well as enjoyed, chilled. The term ‘soft’ is basically an obligatory benchmark for carbonated drink makers that sets the limits of solute in the solution to less than or equal to 0.5% by volume. The earliest instances of soft drinks were sherbets made in ancient Arabic high societies. Way back in 1676, the commercial licensing of soft drinks began, when The Lemonade Company of Paris obtained monopoly of lemonade sale. But it was in the late 18th century, that the sale of carbonated soft…show more content…
A Swedish chemist Tobern Bergman then architected the apparatus to carbonate water using chalk and sulfuric acid. Fellow Swede Jacob Berzelius then made it possible to add flavors and thereby in the process, compiling the most elementary method of mass producing carbonated soft drinks. This industry still has one of it biggest bases in USA, and it was born in 1806 when Yale professor Benjamin Silliman started selling soda using Nooth’s apparatus. Later by 1830, John Matthews and John Lippincott started manufacturing soda fountains, which set the stage for diversifying and building franchises for the carbonated drink makers. Nowadays the production units have evolved with technology and they either use dry ingredients or flavor syrups which are directly mixed with water under largely pressurized condition with a jet of CO2 thrown through them. A series of quality checks are also involved wherein the carbonated soft drinks undergo analysis of their compliance with specific parameters like particle size and density etc. The final stage is the packaging of these products and the needs of the consumer have evolved over the years, ever since the birth of the first breed of carbonated drinks makers. Back then, there was not enough equipment or technology to make glass bottles, and hence the dispersal system comprised primarily of the soda

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