Cardboard Castles Poem Analysis

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Troung;s final conclusion about Watsky states “‘Cardboard Castles’ is another masterpiece by Watsky. His truthful and insightful lyrics create a trust with listeners that not many artists can achieve. Watsky truly raps about his life experiences, something hard to believe a 26-year-old can accomplish (Troung 13). Being so young Watsky climbed his way from the bottom, starting out he was never rich and worked hard putting his soul into the music. In Watsky’s song “Moral of The Story” he creates a song only he can make utilizing elements of rap, slam poetry, and hip hop. The idea behind Watsky’s song is purely motivation, whether that be for the listener or Watsky himself as he works his way from being nothing to the man he is now.…show more content…
Watsky repeats the phase “And maybe someday you might see me in a glossy photo no weirdo’s rocked the bells as hard as me since Quasimodo”(67). Not only does the statement itself have multiple literary devices within it by repeating the phrase in a soft voice he signifying the end of the song. His creative use of meter through the beginning, middle, and end all to reinforce the idea of motivation can only be accomplished because he is who he. However, the man does not stop in using other literary devices while using meter. In order to give an extra “umph” in his song Watsky utilizes a stressed rhyme scheme making the last words in each line landing on a hard sound. By doing so he creates a sense of aggression within his music. That aggression is then transferred into whoever is listening adding another layer of motivation. In the third of stanza Watsky states the line “I write ‘till my fingers look like a bouquet of roses” (8) rhyming it with “you got to bring yourself your flowers now in show biz’”(9). After listening to the song once, it’s impossible for you to read these lines without putting the voice of an aggressive rapper compelling you to sing along or feel music. Then during the 8th stanza Watsky a rhymes a series of words such as “burgundy”(43) with “mahogany” and “me”(47) with “modesty”(48) these following lines almost build to a climax having almost a natural rhythm so much

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