Cardiac Arrests Of Children, And Opening The Reality Of The Pediatric Call Essay

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Abstract Almost everyone who works in EMS has this one thing in common, the fear of the pediatric call. Due to those calls being few and far between, the skills needed for a pediatric call are rarely at their best. There are also some who don’t keep their pediatric skills as sharp as others, because of the low amount of calls they might run on kids. This paper will be focusing on cardiac arrests in children, and opening the reality of how common it is becoming. Everything from what causes it, what is the most common cause, and the unexplainable. The what’s, how’s and whys are all questions that we will be expected to know. There is so much that goes into these patients, physically and mentally. Knowing these things and understanding how to handle these situations is just as important as knowing the information for a registry test. In almost most of these incidents the family doesn’t care how much you know, they care about how much you care. Cardiac Arrests in Children We have heard it more than once, the high school football player who has never had a health issue in his life, playing on a chilly, friday night, collapses in the middle of the game. The player dies instantly. What was the cause, why did it happen, and how can it be prevented are all common questions that friends, family and the strangers that share the story on facebook, are all asking. As an autopsy is finished it is concluded that the young athlete died of a heart abnormality that was never

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