Essay on Cardinal Altamirano in the Film The Mission

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In the movie The Mission, even though Cardinal Altamirano deeply regrets destroying the missions to the Indians, he believes it is the right thing to do. Altamirano is a wise man and tries his best to remain just. He makes a difficult decision that helps the Portuguese create the boundaries of Central America, and he is filled with sorrow at the knowledge that his influence and decisions will result in many deaths. The cardinal is not only misunderstood by the Jesuits, he is also easily overlooked. He is also quite worldly, as he is bathed in riches, he has his own personal servants, and all his decisions are fuelled by greed. He is not the film’s main character, but he is the character who stands out the most to me. He makes difficult decisions and has to carry that burden with him. Altamirano is not someone we should strive to be like, but I believe we should strive to analyze situations as thoroughly as he does. Cardinal Altamirano is a conscientious man, he is also worldly, and he is very tenacious.

When he made decisions, Cardinal Altamirano is conscious of every possible outcome. It is imperative that he chooses to do what is needed, instead of what is right. He is also conscious that by choosing to save the missions, he will lose not only his reputation but also his position to contain power over events like these. He craved power and success, and he is incredibly good at receiving the two. He is also conscious that he is basically causing a genocide, and in the…